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What is a Technical Copywriter?

A technical copywriter is someone that specializes in selling software, technical products or services. A normal copywriter writes only to sell, a normal technical writer writes to explain and a technical copywriter must do both. Many copyrighters don’t have the technical knowledge to properly explain the benefits of a product…

What is application security and why is it critical

Application security also known as AppSec is the process of securing your company’s software applications so that critical data within those applications are protected from external threats. Application security occurs throughout every phase of the software development life cycle (SDLC). It begins in the preparation phase and continues all the…

Home Staging for Real Estate within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
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The real estate market in the Greater Toronto Area(GTA) is a very lucrative market. Toronto has a huge number of condos and apartment buildings, much like any big city such as New York and Los Angeles. …

Shimon Brathwaite

Shimon Brathwaite is a cybersecurity professional, entrepreneur, consultant, and author at

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